"We believe in good grooves"

About us

EPK (electronic press kit)

We are here for the music...

Copenhagen Jazz Funk Collective is an orchestra with some of the most experienced jazz and funk/pop musicians in Denmark.

The inspiration to the music comes from bands and artists like Weather Report, Spyro Gyra, Yellow Jackets, Mezzoforte, Marcus Miller, David Sandborn and Steps Ahead. 

The music i groovy, most of the themes are simple and the real strengh is found in the interaction between the musicians, the improvisation and the creativity. 

Please listen to one of our live recordings like Rainy Forecast and discover the energy and creativity in the interaction between the five musicians.

The band started playing together in spring 2020 during Corona-lockdown. Corona-Ride was recorded ind the summer 2020 and the different layers of time meters reflects the difficult life during corona. The music is written by the basist Mads Pagsberg

The band

Mads Pagsberg

Mikkel Villingshøj

Jesper Nordal

Anders Rose

Pelle Fridell







Bas, bandleader, composer